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Intervju: FunkermanPredstavljamo Vam holandskog DJ-a osnivača Flamingo Recording-a i rezidenta najvećih svetskih festivala i klubova – Funkerman.


Kroz priču smo dobili informacije o dugo očekivanom debi albumu Funkerman-a, saradnji sa Fedde LeGrandom i Idom Corr,zatim šta preferira da koristi od opreme, ali i koje reči zna da kaže na srpskom jeziku.


DJ Funkerman će 19. Juna nastupiti na muzičkom festivalu "Soundlovers 2” u Zrenjaninu. Zatim 2. Jula na splavu Sound u Beogradu, dok 17. Jul je rezervisan za Day&Night festival u klubu Papaya.


U poslednje četiri godine Funkerman i Flamingo recordings stoje iza mnogobrojnih hitova kao što su: Speed Up, Let me think about it, Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, The Creeps , Remember , Slide i letnje anteme… 3 Minutes To Explain.


Samo u 2008. godini Funkerman je nastupao na mnogobrojnim muzičkim događajima i festivalima – Mystery Land, Love Parade, Creamfields, Extrema Outdoor, Ministry of Sound London, Sensation White, a kao jedan od najvećih uspeha izdvaja se rezidentura Funkerman-a u čuvenom klubu Space na Ibizi. 



DJ Funkerman

DJ Funkerman



First of all – Hi Funkerman! You are back in Serbia. What are your impressions of the Serbian fans?
My experience with the Serbian people has always been very positive, they are party minded and the best dancers in the world 😉

Describe your music in few words…
House a la Flamingo Smile



What is your stage setup?
I prefer 4 x cdj 1000, 1 x mdj 800 en 2 function one monitors.

Can you tell us more about your cooperation with "Fedde Le Grand"?
Fedde, Raf and I have our own record label Flamingo Recordings. We started 6 years ago and we wanted a label which we could use to release our own tracks on without having to listen to what A&R managers from other labels had to say about it. And of course we made a few tracks together Wheels in Motion, 3 Minutes to Explain and recently New Life.



DJ Funkerman

DJ Funkerman

You’ve worked with a few big names in the last few years, is there anyone that you would like to work with in the future?
Rick Rubin is my all time hero. He is one of the founders of Def Jam records, the classic hip-hop label, but also produced for Metallica. I like him because he is so versatile so would love to work with him.

How would you describe your latest album "House for all"?
You’ll have to listen to it to make up your own opinion, but I tried to make an album which is really about music and “anything is possible”

You recently worked with beautiful Danish Ida Corr on the single “Unconditional Love” for your new album. How was that?
We first met Ida when we did “Let Me Think About It” on our label, Flamingo Recordings. We actually came in contact because we’ve already worked with Camille Jones (The Creeps) and they are good friends and at the same management, so that’s how we got to work together.

We did a lot of tours together and when we were touring through Australia last year, we talked about doing a track together which became the first single of the album “Unconditional Love”. I love working with Ida she is a very lovely person on and off stage.



DJ Funkerman

DJ Funkerman



Last year you play in Croatian island Pag and this year you are coming back for "Nokia Day & Night festival". Some people call this island Balkan Ibiza. What is your opinion about that?
I totally agree with that! Island Pag is a wonderful place to play and I really looking forward to play there again. The comparison with Ibiza is a very understandable one. I think there should be an easier way to get to Pag by plain and then it will even be more popular.



How do you select tracks for an event like SoundLovers Festival?
Preparing for the weekend/events is my job. It is an ongoing process. On weekdays I produce music and make edits that I can play on the events. I always want to be at an event a little earlier, so I can pick up the vibe and then maybe think about the first track. I do not make a set at home. I am a DJ that is guided by the crowd.


You recently remix “Otherside” by RHCP (btw it's great). Why did you choose that particular track?
I’m a big fan of the RHCP so made this remix especially for my shows, it’s not an official remix. Recently my luggage was stolen and the music I was carrying is spread on the internet now so that’s why a lot of people are talking about this track.



DJ Funkerman

DJ Funkerman


Recently you presented a new producers contest “Now or Never” in collaboration with Shermanology. We know it's over, but can you tell us some more about the winner and why you decided to organize the contest?
The winner is……
He won because he got the most votes from the nominees.
The reason I did the contest was because I want to create opportunities for the new generation. In a way I like to think that I am contributing to our music in a different way than just producing myself.



Do you plan some new contest in the near future?



Is there something new in your own record company, Flamingo Recordings?
My album House For All is out now and available to buy at all download portals and Fedde and I just released our track New Life.

You can check all newest releases at www.flamingorecordings.com

Any words in Serbian that you know?
Волим те Smile



{xtypo_rounded1}Podsećamo posetioce da još uvek mogu aplicirati i učestvovati u nagradnom konkursu i osvojiti ulaznice baš za Day&Night festival u klubu Papaya, na ostrvu Pag u Hrvatskoj. Učestvuj! Ko kaže da se kreativnost ne isplati?{/xtypo_rounded1}



Thank You Funkerman for your time for this intervue




Slobodan Janković, Urednik Clubbing.rs