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Osobu sa kojoj smo pričali ne treba puno predstavljati, ona je DJ, producent, radio voditelj, vlasnik etikete i majka. Ona je Anja Schneider.

Anja predstavlja osobu koja neumorno iznova stvara, reinventira i obnavlja. Direktno je odgovorna za razvoj i uspon liste umetnika, liste koja uključuje imena kao što su Pan Pot, Sebo K, Rodriguez Jr., Kevin Over i mnogi.

Lansirajući novo izdanje “SoMe”, za svoj novi label Sous Music koje predstavlja novu post-Mobilee fazu, koje treba da uspori zahteve industrije kako bi se postigla maksimalna inspiracija.

Anju možete slušati u 23. februara u klubu PLASTIC na još jednoj Protokol žurci o kojoj će se dugo pričati! Više o tom eventu pričitajte ovde.

Photo credits: Anja Schneider

To our great satisfaction, you are again visiting our Belgrade. What impressions do you have from the New Year’s party in our capital and what the audience can expect on 23rd February when you will perform in the legendary Plastic on the Protocol event?

I remembered BELGRADE always as a big club city with amazing taste and kind of a big rave culture.

I think this clashes very good on NEW Years party and can ‘t wait to be back finally. I m prepared always for a big party in Belgrade!

Did the launch of the SoUs label in some way mean that you needed a new challenge after 12 years at the helm of the Mobile Label? How are you looking at that change now?

I am feeling more free and more grounded in my sound and creativity. I don’t have to feed a monster and doing some decisions because of marketing or business aspects. I’m happy to be back to my roots and can concentrate full on my music and production and radio aswell as a dj. The fun and the excitement are back!

I remembered BELGRADE always as a big club city with amazing taste and kind of a big rave culture.

We find online that you have one time said that the pressure on managing the big labels is to high and the particular words you have used was “You have to feed the monster as we are saying and keep it going.” Although we do understand, but can you elaborate a little bit?

Ha ha I used it earlier in this interview too because it explains my situation best. If you manage a big brand etc you are not only responsible for yourself. That can limited yourself in your freedom and decisions because you want to keep it and makes everyone happy and want hat everyone can pay there rent and life.

Its great to have an amazing team and I always had but the pressure for me was to high. I have a family by my own and wanted also spend as much time with them. With kids your priorities in life will change for good. And I needed a change to feel free again. For me as an artist I needed also a change and feel more grounded and back to my roots.

As you are a Berliner, I wanted to consult you about something… For a while now, world media and well as the local ones, compare Belgrade to Berlin. They also gave us a nickname “New Berlin” or “Eastern (version of) Berlin”. Can you comment on that? Is it really so similar? How did you felt the city’s atmosphere here when you performed here?

Oh that’s new for me but nothing what I would doubt. There are many interesting growing exciting cities all over the world and Berlin is already over the peak.

You never should give up. The excitement never stopps.

Can you tell us what DJ equipment are you using? What setup is your favorite? And have you tried some new gadgets that you would like to recommend?

I m very light and using USB and rekordbox. Long time I used always and allen & heat mixer and was more or less against pioneer. But now recently I play more and more on this and love all the features and the combination with rekordbox and editing / looping tracks its great.

Is there anything that you haven’t achieved as a dj, something that you are still craving? (playing some festival/club/radio or maybe being a part of some label)

You never should give up. There are many things I wanna discover and never played for. The excitement never stopps.

What is the type of artists you curate or love to curate on SoUs? Do you strictly look at quality music or is there a wider philosophy about it? What we can tell youngest producers, how they can distinguish themselves?

I am more or less open and working with different artists already… I had Francesca Lombardo and Billy Turner on SoUs and now happy to tell you about a collaboration with Mella Dee and some great Italian artists.

Photo credits: Anja Schneider

Have you noticed some new hidden young talents in the world of DJ-s? Someone fresh with a different sound, that we need to pay attention to? Anyone you can without hesitation say: “He/She is going to be big”?

This time changed already since along time that you can discover one artist where you only by the sound can tell this is gonan be the next big thing. The whole package counts and the terms of the package changing immidiatly. But there are great talents out there .. always.

How do you know when the EP or one particular track is finished? Do you play it to other people before anything else?

This is the hardest part. I never be happy and never can easily say “yes that’s it”. I m shy to play it for other people especially when it’s out. For testing I m doing it always, but I m so critical and it hurts.

Can you describe your process when you produce music? Now there is no deadlines and pressure like before 😉 ?

Yes its more free now and I m loving to have no deadlines. Sometimes you coming home from a weekend heard different dj’s and be very inspired and you can use it directly. That’s great.

How do keep up with the mother obligations with all the travels involved?

During the week I’m fulltime mom. Bring my son to school at 7.30am and picking him up at 4pm. It’s not bad.

I am shy to play it for other people especially when it’s out.

After a 11th years on the scene with Clubbing.rs, we often remember our beginnings … Is it good at time to look back or just forward and never look back?

Never forget where you are coming from. I loved my early days but also loving every expericne which is waiting for me. I m always glade that I was a part of the raving society and still are :_)


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