Dj Marky&Stamina MC nastupaju večers SKC-u

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Dj Marky&Stamina MC nastupaju večers SKC-uKultni d’n’b Dj iz Brazila, Marky, nastupiće u subotu, 25. septembra u beogradskom Studentskom kultrnom centru. MC podršku će mu pružiti Stamina.

Marky je “otkriven”  u Sao Paolu krajem devedesetih, kada mu je Bryan Gee sredio nastup u tada najprestižnijim londonskim klubovima, “Movement” i “The End”. Tada se ovaj Brazilac upoznao sa Goldijem i Patifom, te je njegova karijera krenula uzlaznim putem.


U nastavku možete pročitati intervju pred nastup u Beogradu.


Pre šest godina, odradio je set “Essential Mix” za BBC Radio 1. Napravio je muziku za igricu “Fifa Street 2”.



 Dj Marky&Stamina MCnastupaju večers SKC-u

Dj Marky&Stamina MC nastupaju večers SKC-u


Intervju pred nastup u Beogradu.
Dj Marky:

1. What have you prepared for your set here in Belgrade?
– I don't really prepare sets as it tends to mess with the flow of the vibe in the club. I always make sure I collect as many fresh tunes as possible before I go o tour though, and I can tell you I have some amazing beats with me from some really talented producers. You're going to love it!

2. You were in Serbia before, what are your impressions?
– I really like Serbia, I always have a great time and the people and fans are really friendly. It's one of the places I always look forward to coming back to.

3. What about "Exit" festival?
– EXIT Festival is fantastic, what more can I say. Compared to some other festivals where the lineup isn't that great, or is a little predictable, it's amazing how EXIT always manages to put on the kind of acts you don't want to miss. It's always been an honour and privilege to play at EXIT.

4. What do you think about d'n'b music scene today?
– IT's changing for sure, but in a good way I think. We're living in an age now where there are plenty of talented young producers around and they are mostly giving a fresh outlook on the scene and the music, so ti is good to see that happening.

5. What is going to be the next big sound?
– Man, if I knew that I would be a millionaire! Hahaha! I think DnB will always be strong as it is a constantly changing and evolving genre. It takes so many influences from various different areas whether it is sampling or techniques, so it has more of a cross over appeal and I think that is true more now than ever.

6. What are your plans for future?
– Right now I am working really hard on my artist album with S.P.Y. which will be released on my label Innerground next year. We're trying to be more than just a DnB album though, with some really funky downtempo tracks as well as some serious DnB and a couple of collaborations as well so it is really exciting. Otherwise, I am just concentrating on my label and touring as much as possible to pay back the fans for all the support they have shown me over the years.