Birthday Download: Gramophonedzie, Vladimir Aćić, Dimiz, Hyde and Sick

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Download: Gramophonedzie, Vladimir Aćić, Dimiz, Hyde and Sick «Clubbing.rs rođendansku nedelju» započinjemo sa pravim zvukom. pridružite se nama i uživajte!


Za danas smo Vam pripremili mixeve domaćih DJ-eva: Gramophonedzie, Vladimir Aćić, Dimiz i Hyde and Sick. Svakodnevno ćemo vas darovati besplatnim downloadom muzike, ulaznicama, intervjuima, fotografijama i još mnogo toga.


Takođe, pripremili smo Vam mini biografije svakog od izvođača, a kako bi sve prilagodili mnogobrojnoj populaciji iz inostranstva koja nas posećuje, predstavljamo im domaće DJeve na engleskom jeziku.


Redakcija Clubbing.rs se zahvaljuje momcima na podršci: Marko, Vlada, Zlatko, Peđa, Filip, Kristijan. Respect!






Marko Milicevic is Gramophonedzie : the MTV award winning Serbian superstar who is currently riding a serious wave following a remarkable breakthrough year in 2010. From his hometown of Belgrade, he has forged a loyal worldwide following for his distinctive productions and performances.

With his roots spanning a wide musical spectrum and a deep passion for funky music, live instruments and intensive vocals, production career began in 2000 when he was selected to study at the Red Bull Music Academy in Ireland. He subsequently completed a degree in Sound Design at Belgrade University and went onto produce soundtracks for a number of commercials, films and television as well as producing for several Serbian bands.

Gramophonedzie is best known for his smash hit release ‘Why Don’t You’ – a jackin’ house track that sampled Peggy Lee’s swing standard ‘Why Don’t You Do Right’. 


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 Vladimir Aćić

Vladimir Aćić


Vladmir Aćić was born in 1983 in Novi Sad. His interest in music was majorly inspired by his friends from a local radio station, Radio AS, who he had visited very often. In 2001 he started bying records and just a year later his mixing technique was already at a very high level.

Today, Vlada is one of the most perspective DJs in Serbia. To prove that, there is a never-ending list of parties and producers he had played with, including Marco Bailey, Oxia, Umek, Technasia, Green Velvet, Carl Cox, Valentino Kanzyani, Cristian Varela…

His best set ever was on Progressive Stage ( now Happynovisad stage) at Exit Festival 2003, which was later on pronounced as the best techno set of the festival. After that, Vlada regularly performs on EXIT festival and his sets are always well accepted by the audience. Vlada has also released a few records on the following labels : Italo Business, Immigrant, Stereo Seven Plus, Analytic Trail and Inoquo Rec. His next release will come out on Umek's label, 1605 rec.


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Zlatko Dimitrijević a.k.a Dimiz, born in Niš (Serbia). Professionally engaged in DJ-ing since 2000. His first big performance was in 2002 in the night club "Čair". He soon became the resident of the best known night events devoted to electronic music. At that time, together with the organization Shock the System and his own Agency Reconnected he was making very successful parties. Not long time after that he accepted the invitation to join now already legendary Mass Illusion team, with DJ Zaza, with whom he continued to intensively create the club night events in Niš.

After a series of remarkable performances in his home town, there followed tours throughout Serbia and neighbouring countries. He often performs with DJs/producers he finds most respectable: Oxia, Umek, Marco Carola, Valentino Kanzyani, Billy Nasty, Renato Cohen, Terry Francis… He participated in festivals, like EXIT, Nisomnia, E-Tvrdjava, SEEME…


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 Hyde and Sick

Hyde and Sick



Hyde & Sick is a magical bond of 3 different characters filled with creative spirit that combines friendship, great love for music and desire for the manifestation of positive vibrations.

Exactly this unusual combination, also with great effort, dedication and talent that manifests Hyde & Sick, for a very short time makes their name recognizable on the club scene. Within 6 months, they achieved several of their ambition and gained invaluable experience, as in team work, views on music, also in irreplaceable friendship.

But now they bear to other dreams and goals, and for that time, they are working on their new album and EPs. For this short time, Hyde & Sick proudly stand behind the editions for Disko Zoo, Quanticman, Estrada, Solid Beat and Lucky Records. Their EP "Rhyno" [Disco Zoo] and the remix for Leonardus – You Got The Love [Disco Zoo] found themselves on the Stompy Top 100 Chart, and the song "Yeboga Tea" will be presented at this year's Miami 2011 Sampler Quanticman Records.


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