Summer3p Festival

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 The Summer3p Festival was initiated in 2003 with its primary goal to stir up the youth of Subotica and to offer them different and higher standard entertainment.


S3P is located at the thermal pools near Lake Palic, which is a famous touristic destination in northern Serbia. In the first two years our festival was a single-day event, but the feedback of the audience was extremely positive (people wanted more), so we extended the festival period to 8 days in 2005. That move proved to be very successful and what started as a one-night party began to transform into a mini – festival.


People were entertained by various DJs while having fun in the pool. They were also very active in various art workshops and sport competitions. The campaigns "STOP THE VIOLENCE!" and "PROTECT THE NATURE" were conducted during the festival.


This summer the organizers have made efforts to provide even more interesting and more various types of programme for the visitors. There is around 30 foreign and domestic performers, djs, live acts. There is also a greater number of creative workshops and exciting side events. In 2008. the festival is going to last 4 days, under the title "Independent Youth Festival of Electronic Music – Palic"



(soon it we will add photos from the Sumer3p festival)