Putnik with Benji DF (Discos Capablanca, Berlin)

  • Date: May 10, 2019
  • Time:23:00
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Venue: Klub 20/44Ušće bb

Putnik Episode 6: No one dances quite like my brothers

BENJI DF | Discos Capablanca (Berlin)

Benjamin Hanoben lives in Berlin but he’s originally from Bosnia. Last summer, in collaboration with André P. Fischer, he released what turned out to be a Belgrade fav, the omnipresent ADSX & Hanoben – Scream, on Hugo Capablanca’s Discos Capablanca. Benji’s world is full of backwards tanz, somersault house, tropical space horror, vaseline disco and animal sounds. His soundcloud is overflowing with mixes transcending genres and dating back to the beginning of nineties. This February, another DJ Hanoben aka Benji DF collab with ADSX saw the light of day. “Dreifaltigkeit” edit has been released next to Smagghe & Cross, Tom Bolas and Schmoltz on Italian Duca Bianco label. Perfect pervy Draculish vocals and immaculately enhanced disco arrangement. A part of the dopest posse with Loud-E & Hugo Capablanca. Super unpredictable.


Supported by Grof K.T.I, Bagheera of Putnik and a possible surprise guest. God has never been more excited about a party.


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