Black Asteroid, Filip Xavi, Monosaccharide, Shlømo

  • Date: April 18, 2020
  • Time:23:00
  • Location: Beograd, Srbija
  • Venue: DrugstoreBulevar Despota Stefana 115

Black Asteroid and Shlømo join well known locals, Filip Xavi and Monosaccharide.

Black Asteroid (Electric Deluxe, US)
Filip Xavi (Subsist / Sonntag Morgen, RS)
Monosaccharide (Digitronica, RS)
Shlømo (Taapion Records, FR)

Obsessed with sound and graphic design, Bryan Black started his music career as a sound designer and keyboard tech for Prince at Paisley Park Studios. While working for Prince, Black proceeded to create his own music- some of the most alien techno records released on labels such as Mute and Kompakt. These records caught the ear of Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. Soon after, Bryan was on tour with Depeche Mode with his band Motor, and recording songs with Martin Gore at his home in Santa Barbara. In 2011 after years of recording and touring with Motor, Bryan wrote “Engine 1” to start a new chapter- returning to his techno roots. Black Asteroid set about making techno from a new perspective, in a traditional song structure format. The Tirst EP “Engine” was quickly signed to CLR records by Chris Liebing, became an instant hit, and was a precursor to what soon became known as industrial techno. The fashion designer Rick Owens picked up on what was happening, and used Black’s music for his runway shows in Paris. The two quickly became friends and collaborators. Their next collaboration comes in the form of the debut album from Black Asteroid, out now on Last Gang Records. In 2018, Black and Speedy J went into the studio and came out with 12 songs, and released a string of EP’s on the Rotterdam label STOOR. These records quickly sold out. Songs such as “Blackest Eyes” and “the Devil is high” have become staples in the live shows from both artists.

Coming from Belgrade Serbia, Filip Xavi is recognized as one of the pillars of the local techno scene over the past decade. As a rebel against genre confinements he was always attracted to the timeless techno archetype. His music has been published on various labels : Dynamic Reflection, Subsist, Sonntag Morgen, Decoder Recordings ect. His debut vinyl for Sonntag Morgen in (2015) ( including Dasha Rush remix) and most recent output “Drone Behavior” EP on Decoder Recordings (2017) – both received notable support from the main players on the techno circuit. As Drugstore’s resident since 2013 he curated over 40 events and played alongside names such as: Rodhad, DVS1, Dasha Rush, Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, Phase, Dimi Angelis, Ancient Methods ,Shifted, Stanislav Tolkachev, Adam X, Elektrabel, Tommy Four Seven, Blawan, Developer, Vril, Jeroen Search, Abdulla Rashim, Inigo Kennedy, Bas Mooy, Kangding Ray, Pfirter … These sequences of events led to invitations to Berlin’s iconic Tresor club (August 2014 and November 2015). He likes to unfold his sets like many new chapters to a story of mysterious, debauched encounters through dazzling, post-apocalyptic soundscapes. Filip continues his sonic pursuit into the future ,with all the more simple intentions : affirming his style, levelling up his game, and always keeping on taking the audience into uncharted territories of sounds and space, where brutalist atmospheres reign supreme.

Self-described and self-defined as an epitome of eclectism, the well-established Belgradian techno duo Monosaccharide never stopped overcoming its crowd’s expectations ever since it first started as a band in 2012. Their darkly heady, dazing techno tracks already brillantly managed to cast an undefectible spell on any crowd for the past few years. Monosaccharide hardware only driven live performance is changing the perception of live performance but they just doesn’t fit into any conventional pattern, root of their style is techno but they are deleting borders between genres.

Shlømo is at the heart of the French techno underground. In just a couple of years he has swiftly emerged with his own distinctive sound, mostly on his own Taapion Records but also on influential labels like Delsin, Singular records and Arts Collective. Balancing real feeling with all important dancefloor function, his sets and productions marry stark moods with absorbing atmospheres and for that reason have found favour with key techno tastemakers around the globe. With a distinct ear for authentic grooves and mesmeric sound design, Shlømo is as captivating in the club as he is in the studio. His live show is an extension of that creative space and finds him cooking up compelling sound tracks using gear like a Nord 1, Korg MS20, Roland TR-8, Mikrokorg and Korg Mono/Poly, not to mention his atmospheric live performances under his full name ‘Shaun Baron-Carvais’, following the alias’ debut at Berlin Atonal 2017. As a DJ, too, he is a master of pacing and spacing and can trap you in a high pressure groove or allow you to drift on a dark mood with equal élan, either solo or with label mates PVNV and AWB under the Taapion Soundsytem moniker.

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