Betomeng presents Dardenne – C12 – Futurepast (BE)

  • Date: February 28, 2020
  • Time:23:00
  • Location: Beograd
  • Venue: KPTMŽorža Klemansoa 22

“My favorite music is the music I haven’t yet heard.” — John Cage

Resident for the Brussels based crew Deep in House and their little baby C12.
Damien Dardenne is Session 4000 techno side.

Record collector, he decides to create a new alias for his vision of techno.
Energy and risk are the keywords of his sets, challenging the crowd with unexpected oldschool skills,
sometimes forgotten by the new generation of dj’s.

When he’s not behind the decks, Dardenne is busy producing music with his specific approach:
a blend of old and new school influences, mixing trance vibe and dry techno.

The fourth release on Davy‘s Futurepast label comes from Dardenne, a newcomer with no previous releases.

The Flow EP is inspired by a passage through the buzzy closing hours of Belgian nightlife.
Elegantly simple hooks and driving basslines result in “the brighter side of dark,” the label explains.
“Everything to keep you rooted to the dancefloor while your mind floats through the atmosphere.
A dip in the pools of timelessness.”

Previous releases on Futurepast come from M GUN, David Morley, and Davy himself.


Betomeng also known as Ivica Ljubić is a professional Dj for 20+ years (since he was 19), born in Aleksinac, Serbia. His interests and activities in this field are not limited to only one practical side of performing, they span across various aspects and development of music through its history from: Classical, Electronic, IDM, EBM, Ambient, Drone, Krautrock, Techno, House, Abstrakt, Noise, Jazz, Experimental, World, Tribal, and span all genres and all periods. Ivica is fully committed to this sphere of life and given his current experience Ivica acquired skills and the right mindset to adjust musical repertoire to the imminent atmosphere and energy to which he is exposed at the moment and reflect it towards the crowd’s wishes, thus enabling him to never rigidly cling to only one musical genre, but to take the energy and dynamics of his performance and synchronize it with the current moment

Betomeng played Serbia from south to north and east to west, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Montenegro & Hungary had performed in iconic europian clubs Griessmuehle, LARM, Drugstore Beograd. Sharing decks with names like: DJ AZF, Alien Rain aka Milton Bradley, François X, Regen, Anetha, Emmanuel, Schwefelgelb (Live), Under Black Helmet, Raär, The Horrorist, UMWELT, Ansome, Petar Dundov etc…

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