Queens Of Minimal Techno

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Queens Of Minimal Techno

Queens of Minimal Techno is a music collaboration between three great ladies from three different countries, using three different spinning techniques.


Miss Sunshine/ CRO is playing with Serato, Alex Monster aka Sandra Sauger/ RS,DE with Ableton Live and Viktoria Rebeka/ SLO with Traktor.


Queens of Minimal Techno events stand for quality electronic music, they are an underground music experience!

Biographies of the ladies in alphabetical order:



Alex Monster aka Sandra Sauger / RS,DE – dj & producer



Alex Monster a.k.a. Sandra Sauger

Alex Monster aka Sandra Sauger, apart from pushy nasty look rhythm, also emphasises more agressive & "industrial" sounds.


Born in 1984, showed interest for music in early childhood. After finishing piano in Primary music school, she played drums and bass guitar in punk band. 2000. she became techno lover and 2004 started with practicing on decks and CDJs. Ever since the beginning of her DJ career, she's been supported by famous local DJs, who shaped up her technic & made her taste in music more sophisticated.


Her favourite genre is German underground mnml and she wants to stay undergrond DJ! Last two years she uses strictly Ableton Live for mixing and production, because it provides more possibilities and chance to experiment with weird sounds.


She worked with the most popular Serbian DJs&Producers (Fakir noise destruction,Boza Podunavac,Sun, Marko Nastić, Dejan Milićević, Lale, Marko Vukovic, Goya & Natasha, Vladimir Aćić, Daniel Alexandar, Kobaya,Vlada Machar,Car Z,Nikola Grebovic,Milosh Pavlovic….), in regional clubs and festivals in Serbia,Vojvodina,Croatia,Slovenia,Bosnia&Herzegovina,Montenegro (Plastic, Andergraund, xLagoom, Energija, Amnesia, Bastion,Exit 07,Exit 08,Sombor fest….) and as support to foreign colleagues (Gregor Tresher,Mikael Stavöstrand, Dino Psaras, Cave, Mulattos…)


She's been officially recognized as "Exit 2007 Breakthrough artist". With Staffan Sladik she signed track Odostraga for Traffica Rec, which is released in Soulfood VA as well. Thanx to this, they performed at Traffica Showcase at Urban Bug stage at Exit 008. 2008 she joined FEMALE:PRESSURE organization, and 2009 Artefekz Muzik and other labels. She is aiming to show herself out, in underground parties and clubs! Her favourites are Contakt crew, M_NUS, Gaiser..s bass lines and Houle..s synths and vocals. Marc Houle..s music is her biggest inspiration, reflecting her own trips, which is obvious in her sets, with lot of Marc..s tracks, accapellas, samples, loops…


Alex Monster a.k.a. Sandra Sauger


Miss Sunshine / CRO – dj & producer
(Sunshine & Moree, Aciitone, Stolen Moments)


Miss Sunshine

Croatian-born Sunshine has always been an electronic music fan and has had great success ever since she started DJing in 1997. In the beginning she worked on radio show "Clubhopping" (the first show of electronic music in this area) together with dj Loki Masa.


Miss Sunshine's first residency was with the popular nightclub "Oxygene", in her home town Osijek, which started in 1999. And she was also a resident in the club "Vega" for 2 years where she played at the serial parties "Drumatica" with the biggest names of techno scene like Bone, Valentino Kanzyani, Jel Ford, Funk D.. Void, Gayle San etc. Sunshine also appeared on Croatian annual music award, Crni Macak (Black Cat), as presenter for category of electronic music in 2000 together with Dj E-Base.


In April 2006. she joined Tuborg green DJ Academy in Osijek (Croatia) as teacher. Some of Miss Sunshine's major accomplishments include working in almost all towns & clubs in Croatia, work in Czech Rep.(Fabric, Fleda), Austria (Dom in Berg, Arcadium), Germany (Douala), Slovakia (Radikal), Hungary (Highlander, Kazamata), Macedonia, Romania (Studio Martin, XS, Heat Club, Fashion, Space, Snatch, Zanzibar, Zambara…), Bosnia & Herzegovina (Mlin, Sloga, Hainekeen Inn), Slovenia (Lipa, Sinfonija, Spectrum…) and Serbia (Lifka, Aquarius…). And off course work on some very important festivals like Valkana Beach festival 2002 – official after hour (Croatia), Valkana Beach festival 2003, Exit festival 2002 (Serbia), Sunrise festival 2003 (Croatia), Electro funk festival 2006 (Croatia) and festival with only female djs LADY'S SOUND ATTACK 2003 in Germany.


Miss Sunshine has worked with some great names such as Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Billy Nasty, Jel Ford, Valentino Kanzyani, Umek, Oxia, Killians, Aril Brikha, Ken Ishii, Christian Smith, Steve Rachmand, La Di Da, Hi-Fi Princess, Lucca, Jean Marie Konne, Timo Maas, Miss Yetti, Mr. C, Slobodan, Corvin Dalek, Bone, Gayle San… In 2006 Sunshine meets Marko Moree and they are starting project based on techno, minimal and house sound. They released their debut Ep "The Morning After" in 2007 on Decoded Mini records and remixed Mexican artist Isis Signum on Advanced Synergy rec. in the same year. In January 2009 they are releasing their second EP "Look Expensive" on Irish label Aciitone and rmx for Sinisa Lukic’s "Dry & Wet" (Kaseta Music) which was taken for mixed compilation by Paul Hazendonk at Manual Records. More beautiful releases are about to come …



Miss Sunshine


Viktoria Rebeka / SLO – dj & producer
Producing for: Loopfreaks records, Papstec records, Mare records
Member of: Underground-Connections, Phonotouch
Alias: Nasty project – with dj Slider


Viktoria Rebeka

Viktoria Rebeka Kokalj was born in Croatia, when suddenly choice for living fell on Vienna (Austria) where she started developing her great musical talent.


At the beginning of 2003 she enjoyed working with DJ Sunny Sava, who was a resident in the famous Camera Club located in the city centre. She played double sets with him at several festivals and events, in and nearby Vienna. The biggest indoor festival she was spinning at was The Braintribe, a 3-day event hosting 31 international dj guests of trance-techno-house&groove music (@ Kato Eventhall, Vienna).


The biggest outdoor party she had the pleasure to play at was La Gorda, a 9-day festival full of creative Workshops concentrated around art, music, yoga…(@Seedcamp, Kauzen/Waldviertel). At the beginning of 2005, changes in life moved her to Slovenia, and after a while she joined a group of talented DJs working under the name of Underground Connections.


In 2006, Viktoria Rebeka started working with Manel, who hosted the popular Midhouse-show on Radio Pomar in Barcelona, Spain. The special cooperation included broadcasting of her sets and charts every month. In the early part of 2007, she started a project called "The Nasty project" together with dj Slider. The Nasty project Nights are a famous meeting point of clubbers in clubs acros Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. That year she became official dj for Bacardi Breezer promotion tour parties.


The wish to fully express herself as an artist, drives her to increasingly work on production. At weekdays she spends time in the studio together with producer friends like BlazV, Slider and Girandon. Her style reflects a coctail of charming minimal, tech-house and minimal techno beats. She is a proud member of The Slovenian Assosiation of DJ-s and producers Phonotouch as well as the dj-group Underground-Connections. Viktoria Rebeka has worked with some great names such as: Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic, Roland Casper, Eric Fisher, Evil Eddy Richards, Miss Jools, Niko Schwind… She presented her music in 15 countries: Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Greece, Tunisa and Mauritius…and more to come!


Viktoria Rebeka