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Birth: 26.02.1986.
Place: Kragujevac, Serbia

His first steps toward electro music he made at the age of 13. He followed the path that other D.J.’s of Kragujevac scene made before him. Since he knew that he was too young to make first steps he was listening and learning carefully, trying to get the best from all of them.

At the age of 17, Ivan Jankovic found some magic in tones that were produced by creativity of Prodigy. As the years passed, his taste went toward the stream of artists like ultra popular Chemical Brothers,Mylo,Tom Novy, etc. The type of music that he can relate himself to have elements of electro and house music, the beat that isn’t too progressive, but instead the rhythm that makes you move.


Now, at the age of 21, he is not underaged anymore, so he represents the threat for all the other D.J.’s because he is young and ready to groove. Ivan found himself in new wave of electro music, and in future we might expect his beats on Ibiza stages, or anywhere around the world.

Using our spies we found out where we might locate him: He can be found every Wednesday at 21h live @ Bravo FM (103.9 MHz) or at www.bravofm.net . If you see him try to find out next location that he will be playing at. If you have any information about him, please remember it.


Dj ZeD ( Ivan Jankovic )

booking : info@djzed.net