DJ Viktoria Rebeka

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DJ Viktoria Rebeka

A rising up DJane star, young Viktoria Rebeka was born in Croatia, when suddenly choice for living fell on Vienna (Austria) where she started developing her great musical talent.

At the beginning of 2003 she enjoyed working with DJ Sunny Sava, who was a resident in the famous Camera Club located in the city centre. She played double sets with him at several festivals and events, in and nearby Vienna.

At the beginning of 2005, changes in life moved her to Slovenia, and after a while she joined a group of talented DJs working under the name of Underground Connections.

In 2006, Viktoria Rebeka started working with Manel, who hosted the popular Midhouse-show on Radio Pomar in Barcelona, Spain. The special cooperation included broadcasting of her sets and charts every month.

In the early part of 2007, she started a project called "The Nasty project" together with dj Slider. The Nasty project Nights are a famous meeting point of clubbers in clubs acros Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

DJ Viktoria Rebeka


That year she became official dj for Bacardi Breezer promotion tour parties.

The wish to fully express herself as an artist, drives her to increasingly work on production. At weekdays she spends time in the studio together with producer friends like BlazV, Slider and Girandon.

Her style on the decs reflects a coctail of charming minimal, tech-house and minimal techno beats.

She is a proud member of The Slovenian Assosiation of DJ-s and producers Phonotouch as well as the dj-group Underground-Connections.

She presented her music in 14 countries worldwide: Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Greece, Tunisa and Mauritius.

DJ set up: Macbook, Tractor Scratch Pro, Faderfox DX2 midi controller, Pioneer djm 800 or 600, Allen & Heath Xone 92

Demands: nice monitoring – 2 speakers, quality club sound

If headlining the party – warm up should be maximum 126 bpm

03/2007 – Viktoria Rebeka VS Girandon – Elektronyna – Loopfreaks rec.
06/2007 – Girandon VS Viktoria Rebeka – Dirty Spring – featuring 4 great remixez – Loopfreaks rec.
10/2007 – Blaz V – Electro Freak – Girandon & Viktoria rebeka remix – Loopfreaks rec.
03/2008 – Tony Gomez – Shock Box – Viktoria Rebeka & Girandon Shockster remix- Loopfreaks rec.
12/2008 – BlazV, Viktoria Rebeka & Slider – Motorfahrt – Papstec rec.                                        
12/2008 – BlazV, Viktoria Rebeka & Slider – Yebenos – Papstec rec.                                         
12/2008 – BlazV, Viktoria Rebeka & Slider – Tekroom – Papstec rec.                                         
12/2008 – BlazV, Viktoria Rebeka & Slider – Tekroom dub – Papstec. Rec.                             

12/2008 – Marcus Schmidt VS Double C – Amok – BlazV, Nasty project aka Viktoria Rebeka & Slider rmx- Mare rec.

Official webpages and info:

CONTACT for promoters:
Email & msn: [email protected]
Telephone: +386-31-321-578
Adress: Viktoria Rebeka Kokalj

Moškanjci 40

2272 Gorišnica




Viktoria Rebeka / SLO  –  dj & producerProducing for: Loopfreaks records, Papstec records, Mare records
Member of: Underground-Connections, Phonotouch
Alias: Nasty project – with dj Slider