DJ Pakaski

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DJ Pakaski

One of the more interesting dj,producer,remixer… Pakaski was introduced to the world when he started producing trance & house music.

First got noticed in the beginning of 2008. with his remix of Delerium " Silence " . Which was supported by many more trance & house dj, but this remix is still unsigned. By the way… Pakaski has much to offer to the world of electronic music. His music has so much energy and depth.

He began playing keybord at the age of 6. When he was 15 years old he built his first little music room in which he started to create his own music…
Pakaski likes to create almost every kind of electronic music. (prog.house,trance,progressive,ambiental,experimental, down tempo,chill out…).

In the begining of 2009. he decide to create a new project " Stereo Verb " for (ambiental,chill out & experimental) music.


DJ Pakaski