DJ Nicola PAUNovic

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In the beginning of 2002. stars with his own radio show ("Speed") dedicated to club music and clubbing itself. "Speed" radio show was one of the first of that kind on local "M" radio station. Worked as author, host and producer.


After one year Nicola goes to work for radio station "996" FM and in that period the radio "996" FM becomes high standard for quality of radio program. At the same time and for next three years he was DJing at local clubs (Radomir, Status, Gradski bazen, Rene, Exit, London, M discoteque, Pharaon, Mirage, Jezero V. Banja, Maska V. Banja…)


At the end of year 2006 he goes to Belgrade and finds his place among hundreds of high quality DJs.



After that he strats guesting at best known clubs in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica. Large positive changes starts when he started to cooperate with well known European DJ Ognjen Kosanin (Ogi Gee Cash). In few months he was invited in his European label, Balkan Connection, the very core of progressive-house scene elite.