Aleksandar Da Great

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Aleksandar Da Great

The digital era has always inspired Aleksandar Da Great to create and manipulate sound in every possible way, achieving a new virtuosity.


While in Serbia, he majored in music theory. That passion carried over to the United States as he continued his education at the prestigious Full Sail University, where he received a degree in sound engineering.


Aleksandar Da Great began producing his own music in 2001. It was second nature to him, due to his vast knowledge of sound, as well as his abilities to play several instruments such as the piano, and the guitar. It was inevitable that such inspiration, would allow Aleksandar Da Great to venture into other genre's of music, such as Hip Hop, R & B, Dance, and Electronica.


His dedication to his art, has allowed many doors to open for him. The possibilities are endless for a talent rich artist such as Aleksandar Da Great.


Aleksandar Da Great


In 2007 Rosa International agreed to help Aleksandar Da Great live his dream. Alongside Sony/Red Distribution, close friends, and fellow musicians, "Electronica On Steroids" was born, and became available on all major online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon and manny more. Beautifully arranged music, solid engineering, capped with amazing writers, and singers, "Electronica On Steroids" promises to quench the thirst of dance masses around the globe. Aleksandar Da Great's future is only getting brighter.

"A name without fame, is like fire without flame"