DJ Rodhad i Kr!z 5. маја u klubu DRUG§TORE!

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DJ Rodhad i Kr!z 5. маја u klubu DRUG§TORE!Ubedljivo najveće ime sa tehno andergraund scene Rodhad (Dystopian) Berlin, nastupiće u petak, 5. maja u Beogradu u klubu DRUG§TORE.
Kuriozitet ove žurke je Dj Kr!z koji će prvi put nastupiti kod nas. On je vlasnik etikete Token, koja je pored Dystopian etikete čiji je vlasnik Rodhad, najuticajnija u svetu elektronske muzike.


Rodhad se pojavio 90-ih godina, a počeo je tako što je organizovao male elektronske žurke na otvorenom u Berlinu. Iz čiste zabave.

Vest o ovim, sada već kultnim žurkama, vrlo brzo se proširila izvan granica Berlina i same Nemačke. Zvuk koji je on vrteo na tim žurkama, onaj pravi tehno, postao je sinonim za andergraund.


Njegove najpoznatije žurke su "Dystopian", a on kao njihov glavn idi-džej nastupa u isključivo najboljim klubovima poput "Berghain", "Arena club", "Tape"… pa je na red došla i beogradska "tehno katedrala".

Pre pet godina izdao je ploču "Dystopian" za svoj istoimeni lejbl, a pozitivne kritike su stigle od najboljih, među kojima su Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Luke Slater, Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth, Dave Clarke.



 DJ Rodhad i Kr!z 5. маја u klubu DRUG§TORE!

DJ Rodhad i Kr!z 5. маја u klubu DRUG§TORE!



And for the end of this colossal season we give you two big bosses of the Dystopian and Token families!

We plan a sonorous carnage.
And wild.


Known as a butcher that perfectly balances timeless techno and rawness on the danceflore, Rodhad has found a loving place in the underground of our slaughterhouse for his intense, deep and melancholic sound. He started at the end of the 90s with dub-techno, percussive grooves and perfect mixing that soon earned him recognition on the Berlin scene. In 2009 he started his own parties named Dystopian and conquered all the legendary locations in the town, which gave him the chance to became a regular in Berghain since 2010 and start playing all over the world. Dystopian was the name of the label he launched in 2012 and ever since gained a great amount of praise of many big names in the bussines.




DJ Rodhad i Kr!z 5. маја u klubu DRUG§TORE!

DJ Rodhad i Kr!z 5. маја u klubu DRUG§TORE!




Kriz is famous for his grim, dark and raw music with elements of hip hop that can be seen in his fast and tight mixing, with cuts and scratches. For a decade he is a big name in Belgium and a resonate Dj for the club Kozzmozz. In 2007 he started his own label Token, which rapidly came forth as one of the most influetial imprints for its timeless and powerfull techno sound and mixes of various gratest names and tracks.




DJ Rodhad i Kr!z 5. маја u klubu DRUG§TORE!

DJ Rodhad i Kr!z 5. маја u klubu DRUG§TORE!


Filip Xavi

A rebel against genre/trend confinements, host and resident of our own, Filip Xavi will again build his recognizable suspense on the dancefloor, drifting you through the waves of his dark onerous techno and the masterly manipulation of relentless drums, hypnotic and abstract musical structures. Since he gained notice and respect among the main players in the techno circuit, Xavi has been a champ of the many unforgettable mystique mornings in the Cathedral.


full info: www.facebook.com/events/296491204099775