Intervju: Nathan Coles

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Intervju: Nathan ColesNathan Coles, jedan od osnivača tek-haus zvuka, nastupii je u petak (22. novembra) u okviru projekta “Atomic clubbing” (AC) u beogradskom klubu “Atom live”.
To je čovek koji je uz Eddie Richradsa i Terry Francisa najzaslužniji za pojavu tek-haus zvuka u elektronskoj muzici.


What have you been up to lately?
Had a crazy month with a party in a castle in Barcelona and gigs in Brighton, Portsmouth,  Bulgaria ,The Egg club in London and then we just had a really good Wiggle party at the weekend.

What was your highlight of the year?
I organised a week of parties in Ibiza and we called it a Weekbender, instead of a weekender. It was a lot of phone and we did 5 parties in 6 days. I felt like Nadal had played tennis with my liver after that week.

Is there something new about WIGGLE parties? U still Wiggle-ing, for almost two decades now….
We are still going strong and have a lot of new people coming along.. who really seem to be enjoying the vibe and the music. it’s like it has gone full circle with a great mixture of all ages.


What are your plans after this party in Belgrade?
I go back to Ibiza and play at Pacha and start working on some music i need to finish and also promoting our new years eve wiggle in London, that we have at this amazing private members club near Covent Garden and you can see pictures of this incredible venue here: www.facebook.com/wigglelondon



 Intervju: Nathan Coles

Intervju: Nathan Coles


Do u know our edm scene? And do you know any serbian dj-s?
I know it a bit from over the years and there is some great talent, including Lale and all the Happy people crew.

And who is your favorite in global?
Thats a hard question, as there’s  a lot of good music out there.. Mihai Popoviciu, Eddie Richards, Maceo Plex to name a few!

Can  you give us quick retrospective of  development of your music through time?
Dont’ get a lot of time in the studio, but planning on getting in there a lot more again and just trying to make music that makes people feel good.

What is your life’s motto?
To be happy :o)