Intervju ekskluzivno: Plums DJ’s

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Plump DJ’s čine Andy Gardner i Lee Rous, koji su proteklih 10 godina stvarali veoma impresivan zvuk koji sami nazivaju i definišu kao: “fat funk fuelled beats”.


Nakon izdavanja prvog singla na etiketi Finger Lickin’ records i kompilacije ‘A Plump Night Out’, koja je sačinjavala njihove remixe i produkcijski rad, ova dva momka počinju da dobijaju sve više ozbiljnijih ponuda za nastupe.


Pogledajte sta su Plump DJ’s rekli o svojoj muzici, predstojecem Tuborg Green Beat festivalu i planovima za clubbing.rs muzicki portal…



Hi ppl, nice to have you with us. Well, sort of with : )



1. So, break… truly a street style 🙂 did the early major breakers influence your work in any way?

Yes…of course we were initially inspired by the early works of the Chemical brothers, Josh wink, and the Prodigy. Tracks like Chemical Beats were amazing to hear on a big soundsystem.


2. Retro, old school or new school?

We are motivated more by fresh music and new ideas. We draw comfort in retro or old skool styles.


3. Do you strive to bring new shit to the music?

Yes, as we say 'we must find new ways of making them dance!'


4. Do you feel that there is still a lot of room for evolution in electronic music?

Yes, especially within the Breaks genre. There is so much that has not been achieved yet.


5. Do u have any heavy experimental events back home?

Headthrash at Fabriclive is our night and a great place for us to experiment with new sounds


6. Your studio – office or playground?

Our studio is in Soho london and has been our office and our playground for ten years now


7. Hardware or software?

Both are plump essentials and we explore them with mischevous grins on our faces.


8. Are you planning on blowing us all away on aug 30th?

🙂 We are now performing on 4 CDJ's. Our recent performances in the main stages at space (ibiza) and glastonbury have been a triumph. We hope to put on a great show and help create a wicked party on the 30th



Thanks a bunch 🙂 looking forward to your gig!