Serbia Wonderland: Aly & Fila intervju

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Serbia Wonderland: Aly & Fila intervjuSerbia Wonderland Poglavlje Dva "Vatreno nebo" održava se sutra u Hali 5 Beogradskog sajma. U nastavku pogledajte satnicu nastupa i intervju sa tandemom Aly & Fila.


1.Greetings from all people of Serbia Wonderland.  Are you excited for playing in front of new audience?
Greetings Serbia , so excited beyond belief, we have had amazing reports about the crowd there.

2.Who were your idols when you started your DJ career?
Paul Van Dyk, Chicane etc, they were so inspiring in the 1990s.


3.How do you prepare yourself for your DJ performances?
Relax and talk to friends at the event.

4.What has been your most memorable performance so far?

There has been so many.  That is an extremely tough one to answer, but playing 7 hrs in Argentina was very special.

5.With you growing up in Egypt, how do you think that influenced your musical style?
Certainly influenced us, if you listen to many of our earlier productions you can hear certain Egyptian, Arabic sounds in the tracks.  We also named some of tracks on the history of our country, such as “Eye of Horus” for example.

6.Your track “We Control The Sunlight” was chosen by Armin van Buuren as “Tune Of The Year” on A State of Trance in 2011. What was the inspiration behind the remarkable track?
Jwaydan was amazing with her vocals, and the music we created for the track.  Everything just clicked and seemed to fit when we were working on it,  and we had a gut feeling the track would grow really well.  

7.Tell us about your latest album “Quiet Storm?”
Quiet Storm is our 2nd artist album and was released at the end of June 2013.  We are very happy with the support and reaction it has received worldwide, and we will be releasing a “Quiet Storm” album.  We are actually working on our third artist album with the aim to release it this year and it will be called “The Other Shore.”  

8.Can you tell us something about the project Future Sound Of Egypt?
Future Sound of Egypt is the name of both our record label and weekly radio show. This summer we will celebrate the 350th Edition of our Radio Show and we will host events worldwide to celebrate this landmark. We will have news to follow shortly on the celebration.



 Serbia Wonderland: Aly & Fila intervju

Serbia Wonderland: Aly & Fila intervju



9.Are you familiar with our Serbia Wonderland Festival? Have you heard something about audience here in Serbia?
Our colleague Sied van Riel played last edition and loved it and said the crowd was amazing.  Bring on Friday!

10.You will be playing alongside Andrew Rayel, Simon Patterson and Beltek. What do you think about this line up?
Awesome line up, Andrew is really growing huge and Simon is leading the way with his own Psy Style, and they are really cool guys.

11.What would you like to say to all of your fans out here?
See you all on Friday and get ready for a rocking event.


12.What about future tracks or remixes that you are going to release in 2014? What can fans expect?
We cannot say too much at minute, but we have a lot of new music coming in 2014, and also a brand new artist album.  

Thank you,
Aly & Fila

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