Support. Don’t Punish

  • Date: June 26, 2018
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: Beograd
  • Venue: Drugstore BeogradBulevar Despota Stefana 115

Re Generation (Re Generacija) and Drugstore Beograd are inviting you to SUPPORT. DON’T PUNISH event

Marko Milosavljević support behind decks!

“Support. Don’t Punish” is a global public advocacy campaign for active drug policies, based on the principles of human rights and public health. The purpose of the campaign is to promote drug policy reform and amend the law to prevent access to harm reduction services. It is high time to expose harmful and harmful policies, ideology and prejudice, and to change access to drug users, their families and the community.
Announcing the Global Day of action within the campaign “Support.” Do not Punish “, the NGO Re Generation and Drugstore Belgrade are organizing a” Kick-off event “that will start the cooperation of this club and this organization in order to create safer nightlife, which is the first in Serbia and the first of its kind.
After recent events in Europe that have been linked to drug policy and nightlife, NGO Re Generation and Drugstore decided to launch higher-level cooperation within the framework of the Global Day of Action, in order to influence the change of awareness and the change in drug policies in general. Restrictive measures are not the answer to the ever-increasing use of psychoactive substances, especially when we are struggling with the phenomenon of new psychoactive substances that are increasingly the cause of death of young people at parties and festivals around the world.

The use of psychoactive substances will not be hindered by repressive policies. A world without drugs is a utopia that will never happen, but the consequences of its use can be significantly reduced by programs of harm reduction and sincere communication and education about potential risks. The best thing is that we can all together work on education and reducing damage in terms of raising awareness, and by providing enough information about the risks so that individual can based on honest not judging approach decide whether he/she wants or will not consume anything.
Joining the campaign, we want to express our sincere concern and start the program ourselves, present the activities within the cooperation with which we start our own struggle for safer, better quality and better night environments that we are all part of!