Mostly Joking w/ A7ba-L-Jelly (Cairo)

  • Date: January 19, 2019
  • Time:23:00
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Venue: Kulturni Centar GRADBrace Krsmanović 4

Mostly Joking is a sonic entity appearing whenever there is an honest urge for a luminous party among those pure in heart. Its basic principles are passion for music and love for fellow human and non-human dancers. Mostly Joking grows through exchanging music, skills, knowledge and dance moves.
It does not recognize borders, it only sees bonds.
It’s mostly joking, but seriously out there.

Donia Shohdy is a visual artist, Dj and promoter based in Cairo. She plays under the alias A7ba-L-Jelly. Shohdy is also the co-founder and resident Dj of Cairo’s club night JellyZone.
Jellyzone is an independent DIY clubnight/collective with a concept of merging left field club music with accessible club vibes, pushing the boundaries of what non-traditional club music can offer, with efforts to be more class and gender conscious to shake Cairo party scene.

SAUD is focused on bringing the vitalist legacy of hardcore continuum’s leftfield and breakbeat patterns together with hyper-modern, maximal trance gradients, moving towards contemporary, post-techno form of rhythmic psychedelia.

Cuban Linx is a musical project of two twin brothers, born with only a 10 year difference. Their unrestrained and unapologetic style of mixing often avoids 4/4 in favor of breakbeats and ethnic percussion, to keep things energetic at all costs. Their debut album will blend the latest in music technology with their early influences like hip-hop, acid and jungle.

UBICA is mostly joking.

Tickets: 400rsd – presale / 500rsd at the entrance