Intervju: John Digweed za Sonus festival

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Intervju: John Digweed za Sonus festivalJoš su 3 dana preostala do početka Sonus festivala kad se očekuje oko 12.000 posetilaca sa svih strana sveta koji će uživati u neprestanoj zabavi 5 dana i 5 noći na plaži Zrće.
Za posetioce koji nisu u mogućnosti posetili festival svih 5 dana, organizatori su pustili u prodaju ograničen broj dnevnih karata po ceni od 225 kuna (30 eura).

Tokom 5 dana i 5 noći u klubovima Aquarius Club, Club Papaya, Kalypso Club u sklopu Sonus festivala nastupiće više od 50 internacionalnih i lokalnih imena elektronske muzike, na večernjim, dnevnim, boat i after partijima.


 Intervju: John Digweed za Sonus festival

Intervju: John Digweed za Sonus festival



1.Have you visited Croatian coast/seaside, what have you heard about it?

Yes I have been and played few times and always had a great time. The weather and beaches are amazing and the crowd are really up for a big party.

2.You’re coming back to Croatia after 5 years to a venue often compared to Ibiza (Zrće beach, island of Pag). What are you expecting?

Well a lot has happened in the last 5 years. You can see by the amount of parties and festivals that are taking place in the region that it is a market that is growing and growing very fast.

3.As one of your social media posts recently said: “There is only one Ibiza.” What is so special about that place, still, after so many years?

The point of that post was to just say everyone is always trying to create the next ibiza, when they should be trying to create something that is different from what ibiza is, whilst still attracting a good music crowd.

4.You have a residency in Pacha Ibiza this year..how was those parties so far?

Even better than last year. Our numbers are up on Fridays and I am really enjoying playing this season. There is a great mixture of people from all over the world which gives it a great international feel.

5.Some of Pacha club residents are also EDM DJs, being called out a lot these days. What’s your opinion on their music and things they do?

I try to focus on what i do as a DJ and on the DJ`s that inspire me. I have been in this scene long enough to see things come and go. I think there is room on this earth for all sorts of DJ`s – some you will like others you will hate. Nobody forces you to dance to someone you don`t like, as you have the option to walk away.

6.Did you take a look at Sonus festival line up..like it?

The line up looks incredible and I am really excited to be part of the bill this year.

7.Your Bedrock label is much more then one of the most important global labels, it’s a brand…

Well we are 16 years old this year and we just keep trying to release great tracks, artist albums and compilations as well as some stellar club nights around the planet. We have a very loyal fan base that show us lots of love.

8. Are you still involved in label management, music wise..do you still listen to tracks being send to label address. Is there some upcoming artist you would like to point out?

Yes very much so there are only 2 people working at the label Scott and myself so yes I get my hands dirty with the day to day stuff every day!

9.Last year you released Live in Slovenia mix on Bedrock and Live in Miami, Argentina..what’s the idea of that concept?  


The Miami album was the 5th in the 'Live in Series’. It was never intended to become a series – we just put one out and the reaction was great so we continued it. We never plan where they are coming from, it`s all based on how great  the recording of one of my live gigs is around the world. So we never know when it will be but try and keep them spread out.. at the moment people really seem to like the old school idea but in nice packaging.

10.What is your advice for young DJs and producers. What’s the secret recipe?

Be nice, humble and positive. Always make yourself available and always play with 100% passion from the heart. Try not to rush to be successful. Take your time and get it right. Better to be a marathon runner than a sprinter.

11.  So, is there something you would like to say to the crowd that awaits your gig at Sonus?

Can`t wait to play this year at Sonus save some energy for my set 🙂



Full Line up festivala (abecednim redom):

Chris Liebing – Dixon – Jamie Jones – John Digweed – Laurent Garnier – Loco Dice

Luciano – Marco Carola – Ricardo Villalobos – Richie Hawtin – Seth Troxler

Adam Port – Alexandra – Apollonia – Bella Sarris – Better Lost Than Stupid – Binh – Bunte Bummler live – Cormac – Dan Andrei – Dan Ghenacia – David Mayer – David Nicolas & Sebastian Werle – Djebali – Dorian Paic – Dyed Soundorom – Ernesto Ferreyra -Evan Baggs – Fernando Costantini – Gaiser (live) – Henrik Schwarz live – Hot Since 82 – Ian F – Jacob Husley – JSR AKA Janina – Joseph Capriati – Karotte – Len Faki – Leon – Marcel Dettmann – Margaret Dygas – Markantonio – Meat – Mirko Loko – Monika Kruse – Nastia – Nick Curly – Pan-Pot – Peter Pixzel – Point G live – Praslesh – Rare Movement – Reas – Robert Dietz – Scan X (live) – Shaun Reeves – Shonky – Sonja Moonear – Steffen Deux – The Martinez Brothers – tINI – Tobi Neumann – Valentino Kanzyani – Yaya – Zip

Aneuria – Dejan Milicevic – Examine – Felver – Ganik – Homeboy live – Labud – Liquid – Lovro K – Mariano Mateljan – Mate Kokic – Mimi – Pete Deux – Sergej Snooze – Shoxy – Tome Rupic – Zero


600 kn (80 eur) – festivalske karte:


225 kn (30 eur) – dnevne karte:


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