Synchronicity – Neon Love

  • Date: August 4, 2018
  • Time:23:00
  • Location: Nis
  • Venue: Letnja pozornicaTvrdjava

Neon Love

In the quest of finding ourselves,
We notice colors we never had before.
The touch of darkness,
The spark of light.
The connection between the two,
Our undying might.
The fear of knowing who we are,
The realization who we are not.
After comes acceptance,
After comes love.
Beyond the sleepless nights,
the veils of illusion shall rise; notice the gleam of the neon colors,
That is you.
That is your light.
The skin we wear now is just Saturdays party clothes.
The light we truly are is the peace of Sunday!

Namaste Synchronicity Tribe, would you join us in showing our NEON COLOR? This is another Body Paint Party! Be ready to glow in your best colors, the ones you try to hide!
So join us on Saturday, 4. August at Letnja pozornica!

Posle krace pauze, vracamo se na nama omiljenu Letnju pozornicu! Ovog puta smo spremili event u specijalnom formatu, tj. zurka ce biti prosarana razlicitim pravcima elektronske muzike. Samo na jednu noc cemo ponovo spojiti psychedelic i x-bass program. A pored toga, uz ulaznicu, svi oni koji dodju od 23h do ponoci, ce dobiti besplatno sminkanje neon bojama! Bice ovo noc za pamcenje!
Ulaz: 200din
See yaaa!