Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Nene H. presented by RUNO

  • Date: November 23, 2018
  • Time:23:00
  • Location: Beograd, Serbia
  • Venue: DRUGSTOREBulevar Despota Stefana 115

After the first edition with solely local producers which featured 33.10.3402, Kӣr, Mangulica FM and Andria, here comes the second RUNO, Drugstore’s eve of contemporary folk. This time, with help of plusplusplus festival and Goethe Institut Belgrade, we’re going international with special guests, Iranian Tombak and Daf player and composer, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, and German future techno queen, Nene H. RUNO is conceived by Drugstore’s resident live act and DJ, Kӣr.

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
Nene H. Live
Kӣr Live
Matej Rusmir

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1978 where he started taking Tombak lessons at the age of 6. At the age of 9 he won the annual Iranian Tombak competition, in which only the country’s best musicians are allowed to participate. From playing big festivals like Roskilde in front of thousands of dancing people, to concerts in the Berliner Philharmonie as well as dance/theater productions all over the world – Mohammad Reza Mortazavi‘s percussion solo performances by far exceed the idea of what to expect from a percussion concert. After numerous successes and fruitful collaborations in Europe (most notably Germany), Mohammad Reza Mortazavi started a regular acoustic event in Berlin, called TRANSFORMATION, in 2015. In the course of his career he developed over 30 new striking and finger techniques and revolutionised the traditional way of playing. He crafts a network
of danceable rhythms, uptempo beats and trance-like textures with great virtuosity. Since 18 years Mohammad Reza Mortazavi is living and working in Berlin.

German producer Nene H. achieved notable acclaim as a classically trained pianist under her given name, Beste Aydin, yet her latest project sees her transform into a different creature altogether. Accessing a somewhat darker, transcendental state, her live performances as Nene H. evolve around hypnotising electronic music for sophisticated ears. Drone, orient, industrial, psychedelic, vocal, dark wave, noise, experimental and techno are all ingredients in her cauldron. She received last year Berlin Community Radio Residency and from Berlin Musicboard & Goethe Institute 2 months India Residency. After releasing her debut EP on Bedouin Records in June 2017, she has played frequently Live and DJ sets in clubs like Tresor, About Blank, Rabitza Moscow and lastly she performed her last piece„ Fountain of Fire“ in Berlin Atonal.

Local support: Kӣr, bartleby of plusplusplus and Matej Rusmir.

400 RSD before midnight
600 RSD after midnight