J SLIWA (thrdeyevsn, Copenhagen)

  • Date: January 25, 2020
  • Time:23:00
  • Location: Beograd, Srbija
  • Venue: Klub 20/44

J Sliwa is a duo out of Copenhagen, Denmark. They create highly energetic beats and alienating soundscapes that bears the message of sanguine tales of human life and its challenges. Their music explores all fringes of bass-related music, while also including elements of ambient, new-age and experimental music. As Resident Advisor wrote about their recent debut EP “Eternal Now”: “J Sliwa place the music firmly in the now by applying the muted broken beats and high-energy build-ups of the past to the shotgun samples and heavy sub-bass of a post-club present”

SAUD ( SUTRA / СУТРА) colors the vitalist legacy of hardcore continuum’s leftfield and breakbeat patterns with hyper-modern, iridescent gradients, gravitating towards a contemporary, post-techno form of rhythmic psychedelia. Alongside Dorian Fuk, he is the founder of SUTRA – Belgrade club night and radio show focused on future-oriented electronic music.

Blur Haze
poreklom je iz Novog Sada. Za kratak vremenski period, gostovala je u vodecim klubovima u Srbiji i regionu, neki od njih su club Tunnel, KPTM, Mint, Lazaretti. Prepoznatljiva je po energicnom tehno&leftfield zvuku.

AM Hi /The Bitch from Glee
Just like the music he likes, AM Hi would always tell you to go hard, or go(get) off. Ribbed for your pleasure. You could hear him at clubs like Drugstore, 20/44, Tunnel, and many others.


W\O u svojim setovima kombinuje zvuke house acid house i breakbeat, imali ste priliku da ga čujete na dev9t festivalu,u KC Labu, Borisovom ateljeu, i drugim klubovima širom Vojvodine.