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Monday, 22 November 2010

DJ ALEXAleksandar Sasic a.k.a. Dj Alex was born 1986 in Sabac. Now he lives in Obrenovac, town where his obsession for music started for the first time.


His first public mix was in club Rolex 2003, the same year he started playing music. Soon, he gets more invitations from other clubs like club “Central”, "Castelo","Studio Bukovski" caffe “Zez”, “Time Out”. 


As time passed he becomes a resident Dj in club “Rolex”. Invitation comes from other clubs in Belgrade. He gets his first show in club “ZuZus”, where he becomes resident from 2009.


After a while mixing in “ZuZus” he moves his style to other clubs like “Plato”, “Lahor”, “Otard”, "Noir", "Giardino" Novi Sad and many other clubs in Serbia .





His orientation bases on house music, has a specific type of mixing by combining tech, commercial and, progressive styles. Audience gets in love in his way of playing music and rising with crowd together on the dancefloor. He performed beyond borders of Serbia in Rafailovici, cafe-lounge bar “Mojito”, club “Ponta” in Petrovac and other clubs and towns in Montenegro.


Now at 2010 while mixing in club “ZuZus” he prepares his music for TV show “Dj Battle” on local TV station Kopernikus. Where he’s going to spin against many good Dj’s from his country. His hope is directly pointed on the best festival in east Europe, “EXIT ”, where he hopes his going to present his own style to audience from all over the world.




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